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Apr 27, 2014 8:00am EDT
. the other question is when you die, do you live forever? to paraphrase bill clinton, it all depends how you define the word you. are you web layer and software? if so, when you die, you die. or even information? if so, information can double every 18 months. this is moore's law. as the rate at which can peeters are growing in sophistication. for example, when you get a birthday card in the mail coming to open it up and it stinks. it sings happy birthday to you. there is a chip that not birthday card. that chip, according to this chart has more computer power than all the allied forces of 1945. hitler, churchill, roosevelt would have killed to get that chip. what do you do with it? he threw it away in the garbage. if hitler had that chip in 1940, we might all be speaking german here today rather than bush. and then look at 1969. 1969 we put two men on the moon. ever see the scrutiny mission control? by god, according to this chart, there were 64 processors. dinosaurs. yourself onto the hives more computer power than all of nasa in 1969. in fact, you are not going to put me in one of those ro
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1